Why choose Us?
With over 15 years Criminal Justice experience,  Maria. Hubbard has
worked as a State of Texas Parole Officer--Field Officer and Institutional
Paroles and Death Row Summaries Officer, a Court Officer  for the 258th
and 411th Judicial District Courts in the State of Texas and as a
Community Supervision Officer (Probation Officer).  She is dedicated to
helping to make her community a safer place to live and work.

Ms. Hubbard is a graduate of Sam Houston State University in Huntsville,
Texas and a graduate of the American International Institute of Polygraph
in Morrow, Georgia.  She is also a full member of the American Polygraph
Association (APA).  She has gained APA certification for the
post-conviction clinical testing of sex offenders and is also recognized by
the Joint Polygraph Committee on Offender Testing.  Ms. Hubbard has
performed polygraph examinations for Criminal District Attorneys, Law
Enforcement Agencies, Private Attorneys, Business Owners and
Employers, Therapists, Probation/Parole Departments, and Private
By following Federal Law--The Employee Polygraph Protection Act of
1988 (EPPA), a polygraph examination or "lie detector test" can be
used in an "on-going" internal investigation involving a specific
incident of economic loss for an employer.  By utilizing a professional
polygraph  as an investigative tool, loyal members of an employers
staff can be "cleared" of wrong doing. The employer is required to
provide their "suspect" employees with a minimum of 48 hours prior
notice of their requested polygraph appointment, excluding weekends
and legal holidays.  Prior to 1988 many employers required prospective
employees to pass a polygraph examination prior to a offering them
employment.  Since the 1988 EPPA law became effective, only the
following employers are allowed by law to request pre-employment

  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Government Agencies
  • Security Companies
  • Power Generating Companies
  • Pharmaceutical Sales/Transportation Companies

  • Post-Conviction Maintenance Testing        

  • Post-Conviction
  • Sex-Offender Testing-
    Sexual History (Clinical)

  • Legal

  • Commercial

  • Domestic-InfidelityTesting
Texas Polygraph Services
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Maria Hubbard, Polygraph Examiner
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of the Truth"
Post Conviction
Sex-Offender Testing

Business Owners and
Employee Theft
Post Conviction
Maintenance Testing
Specific Issue testing is conducted to help break down the cycle of
denial whenever a convicted sex offender fails to admit responsibility
for their present parole/probation offense.
Sexual History Examinations are conducted upon request from the
treating clinician and supervision officer to insure the examinee is
complying with treatment rules and is being truthful concerning his/her
sexual history prior to placement on supervision.  This testing format
is often used to assess the offender's risk for reoffending.
Maintenance exams are conducted on convicted sexual offenders to
insure compliance with non-sexual conditions of their supervised
Monitoring exams are conducted to insure convicted sexual offenders
have not sexually reoffended.

Maintenance testing for individuals on probation or parole is used to
insure they are following the conditions or "rules" of their supervised
release.  The use of the polygraph can be an excellent investigative
tool for the supervision officer in charge of the "releasee."  For
example, individuals on supervision for Driving While Intoxicated can
be tested over their use of alcohol and/or their use of alcohol and the
operation of a motor vehicle.
Those individuals on supervision for an assaultive crime can be tested
concerning their behavior towards others.  Abusers of illegal drugs
and those involved in drug sales can also be tested concerning their
drug involvement.
All exams are conducted by appointment only.
Weekends and after-hours appointments are available.
Off-site testing is available as long as an
appropriate testing site is secured.
Spanish-speaking examiners or interpreters are available upon request.


At times, innocent individuals, when accused of criminal wrong doing,
have the need to provide proof of their innocence.  Specific Issue
examinations can be conducted to provide this verification.  Specific
Issue exams are conducted when requested by attorneys for their
clients that are under investigation or for those that have been formally
charged.  An exculpatory polygraph examination can be utilized to
defer prosecution or even prevent it.  
Ten Signs of a Cheater!
1.   Numerous "hang up" calls
2.   Mystery numbers are appearing  
      on partner's cell phone.  
3.   Partner's appearance has             
      drastically changed
4.   Frequency of sexual contact        
      has substantially decreased   
5.   Partner does not invite you to     
      attend their out of town                
      business trips
6.   Partner accuses
you of infidelity
7.   Partner has more frequent           
      unexplained ATM transactions
8.   Partner begins to pursue new     
      hobbies that exclude you
9.   Partner recently purchased an    
      extravagent/expensive auto
10. Unexplained mileage on               
      partner's automobile
In today's changing world, romantic couples are faced with more
stresses on their relationships than ever before.  Relationship
testing can be effective to verify the truthfulness of a statement
concerning "Cheating" or Infidelity issues, Internet activities,  
and an individual's Personal Background.  Infidelity polygraph
examinations can determine if someone has strayed in their
relationship and participated in physical sexual contact with
others outside the marital or monogamous bond.  It should be
noted that not all "Cheating" may be physical in nature.  
Couples that are concerned about their partner's use of the
Internet for example, participation in the world of "Cyber Sexual
Activites," may be in need of a polygraph examination to
determine their partner's use of the Internet for sexual purposes.
 Concerns about a partner's personal background, including but
not limited to their health status, financial background and
substance abuse usage can be effectively dealt with by utilizing
this type of polygraph test format.  Domestic or Infidelity
examinations can help  couples renew and restore their
relationships or pursue alternative relationship options with
confidence due to the outcome of their polygraph examinations.   
All testing is conducted in a private, friendly and non-accusatory
Areas of Service
Polygraph Examination being conducted utilizing the
Axciton Computerized Polygraph Instrument.